Our Mission:​

We are a social business devoted to giving hope to our local and global communities. 

We do this by marketing fair trade products that are produced in safe working conditions in which workers are paid a fair wage in their region of the world. Care is taken to not use the common practices of slavery, trafficking, and child labor in the production process.


of our profits are shared with local groups already effectively working alongside those in hardship situations here, such as the Four Cs, Bennington County Coalition for the Homeless, Free Clinic, and the Interfaith Food and Fuel Fund. Our all volunteer staff welcome you to visit us, and are happy to share our story which effects people around our globe, nation, and locally get a hand up, not a hand-out.


Fair Trade is preferable to the usual charitable giving/aid (which has its place in emergencies), which does not empower individuals with viable skill sets that can give access to a positive future!

Who We Support

Ongyel Sherpa, the founder of U.S. Sherpa, at a young age had a dream to leave Nepal, receive an education and start a company. All his dreams came true and, through this, U.S. Sherpa formed. Today his company employs over 300 people and has strong ties to Nepal.

Women’s Bean Project offers a public way to address chronic unemployment, recidivism, welfare dependency and a host of other challenges. The social enterprise model gives Women’s Bean Project a sustainable way to achieve its mission.

Farmers are the cornerstone in their business, and everything revolves around farmers and farmers’ viability and sustainability. They also focus on preserving food culture while also reducing 

Green Creations started in December of 2009 as a World Associates project. The purpose of GC is to train individuals to use recycled materials to create green income generating products: beads, jewelry, bags, bowls, purses, baskets and more. 

Where We Are

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