About U.S. Sherpa

US Sherpa produces fine artisan goods that are handcrafted in Nepal. Our deep roots in Nepal allows us to produce high quality products, while valuing the artisan’s labor and their need to have sustainable and viable economic opportunities. We work to build equitable and sustainable trading partnerships that contribute to the well-being of our artisans, promote an environmental consciousness, and preserve the authentic Nepalese culture. With this mission in mind and through collaboration with generous partners, we can continue to create meaningful and beautiful products from our home base in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Preserving and Sharing the Culture of Nepal.

Preserving and Sharing the Culture of Nepal

The artisans that make our products utilize production methods that go back generations. Many are made by hand, one at a time, using natural fibers that are both functional and beautiful and have been a part of the Nepalese culture for years

Environmentally Sustainable Sourcing

We use natural fibers and materials whenever possible but we do enhance some products with small amounts of fleece or other comfort adding fabrics. We keep packaging to a minimum and use materials that can be easily recycled. We avoid harsh chemicals, dyes and other environmentally damaging materials.

Fair Trade and Sustainable Jobs

Over 300 people are involved in making US Sherpa products, many of them were economically disadvantaged and marginalized. We hope to employ more people as our business grows and continue to train and educate artisans so that they are able to support their our economic ambitions. Through our trekking services we are able to visit our producers at least twice a year in order to ensure that they are being adequately paid and working in safe and empowering conditions.

Giving Back

​The opportunity to start US Sherpa was the direct result of the generosity of others and we strive to continue this tradition by supporting the Himalayan Cataract Project and other organizations that provide opportunities for the disadvantaged, preserve the Nepalese culture, and protect the beauty of the natural world.

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